Friday, 11 July 2008

Choosing a Wedding Photographer

This is a time of year that we get many requests from brides who are looking to hire a wedding photographer.

To be honest I'm glad not to be in their shoes, apart from the fact I don't suit heels, its a minefield for them out there. Here's why.

There are lots of people with camera out there claiming to be professional wedding photographers. They have their adverts in the papers, in yellow pages. Have great websites, the minority even have studios. My definition of a professional wedding photographer isn't simply someone who takes your hard earned cash in exchange for his or her services. I believe a professional wedding photographer is one whose wedding images reach a verifiable professional standard and someone who protects their clients by carrying both public liability and professional indeminity insurances.

So, how does a bride know if her photographers work has reached an acceptable standard? This is easier to find out than you might think. To be a member of either the Master Photographers Association (MPA) or the British Institute of Professional Photographers (BIPP) a photographers work is judged by a panel of highly regarded fellow professionals. So check your photographer is a "full" member of either. I'm a member of the MPA and I have a membership card and certificate to prove it. My company is also listed on the MPA website (

Insurance is one of those things that no-one wants to ask about as its not that important, well it isn't - not until there's a problem! Any of my clients can ask to see my insurance certificates, in fact they are on display at the studio.

Some prospective clients, especially in this time of "credit crunch" then say well so and so can do it cheaper. Indeed true professionals will be more expensive, but not too expensive. Here at Camera Art we offer flexible payment schemes and currently our lowest priced package is £425. Still pricey some might say. But imagine your weekend photographer has trouble and for some reason your photographs are ruined. Then what can you do? With no insurance there would be a long drawn out battle in the courts no doubt. With a professional we simply claim and if necessary take the photos again. I know its not ideal, but its much better than nothing!

Of course being professional means experienced too. Or showroom has over a dozen albums to browse through. When going to visit a client I also can take along 6 or more albums for you to view. On recent client had a photographer turn up with two weddings on a laptop - no albums at all!

You might think well you would say that wouldnt you. And yes I very well might. However the reason for penning this part of my blog is that I had a bride turn up at the studio, directed to me by Citizens Advice because her images were substandard. Brides - it's your wedding day and the start of a new chapter in your life. I don't want any of you starting it by having to go to court because your wedding day images were rubbish.

Please check out the organisations listed above and don't be afraid to ask your photographer for his membership card and his insurance certificate.

I wish you well in your search for a professional wedding photographer.

Saturday, 22 March 2008

Camera Gear for Weddings

There are a lot of searches done on the internet regarding the best camera gear for wedding photography. I thought that as a professional wedding photographer I would give my answer.

Before I do though can I give a word of advice, it is not the camera that makes a good or even great wedding photograph - it is the mind and the eye of the photographer, something money can not buy.

I am a self confessed Canonophile so I would use a Canon 5D and a Canon 40D. Both have good resolution and the batteries are the same so only one charger needed. Touch wood, a single battery usually lasts me for a whole wedding which could be 8 hours and 300 images on one camera. Yes, you do need 2 cameras! And backups for all your other equipment too!

Probably more important than the cameras are the lenses. Church and even civil weddings in Halls can be dark to very dark so you need a fast lens to cope with these situations. A fast lens is one that has a large aperture such as f1.8 or f2.8. I dont like changing lenses, it takes time and can lead to dust problems so the lens stays stuck to the camera all day - or in my case nearly all its life.

You will require a short zoom, a wide angle. Something from about 17mm to about 70mm. To get a good fast zoom isn't cheap and I'd recommend something from the Canon L series or a top spec Sigma. You will also need a longer range zoom from about 70mm to either 200 or 300mm. These allow you to get close to the action without getting in peoples faces, an absolute necessity for those of you who prefer the jounalistic approach. If your budget stretches that far then try and get an IS (Image Stabilised) Lens, the last thing you want is camera shake.

In addition to the above you will also need a couple of flash guns, memory cards, spare batteries, tripod and a gadget bag to carry it all in!

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Valentines Day Dilema?

Camera art to the rescue! We can get you in to the good books of your sweetheart by offering you the opportunity to invest in her beauty by purchasing a camera art makeover gift voucher.
This is a 2 hour make over and photography session that girls of all ages simply adore. Incuded in the already fantastic price is four 7in x 5in prints.
And here's another bonus! Purchase your gift voucher before Valentines Day and we will give you a sweet teddy bear all wrapped up in a presentaion box.

If you want to go ahead and purchase a makeover simply call the studio on Middlesbrough 01642 645555. The makeover can take place anytime within the next 3 months and does not have to be before 14th February, only the payment has to be to qualify for the teddy.
Studio 01642 645555

Friday, 8 February 2008

New Promotions Vehicle

Hi everyone and welcome to mine and camera art's first blog. We have just taken delivery of our first promotions car. Its a Citroen C4 Loeb in metalic black. This model was launched to celebrate Citroens domination of the World Rally Championship (WRC) over the last 5 years.

Our car was taken to Direct Signs in Darlington to have the decals (stickers) applied. We tried to follow the current WRC looks, but used photography based sponsors in addition to camera art. Sponsors logos include Canon, Sandisk with the bonnet being an almost exact replica of the rally car carrying the logos of both Citroen and Total.

It is hoped that the vehicle will bring increased awareness of Camera art through out our operating area which covers York and Harrogate in the South and up to Newcastle in the North.

So now the petrol head grooms to be can have a good look around the car whilst their brides browse through our vast range of wedding albums. Oh yes, did I forget to mention that we are a professional photographic company specialising in wedding, portrait and commercial work?

our contact details are:



tel: 01642 645555