Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Happy New Year

How was your Christmas? Good I hope.

As a business owner Christmas is a funny time of year. In that we don't want to stop trading, but on the other hand it is a great time to relax for a while and chill

So now we're rushing head long into 2012. The wedding photography shows great signs of continual growth, thanks to our internet marketing and our strengthning realationships with local wedding businesses.

Lovers in the snow

Here at Portrait Wedding Photographers we have good news for brides looking to get married in 2012/13. For 2012 all of our wedding packages remain at 2011 prices. There is no need to go out to grab a bargin in the sales, the best bargin is right here. So how does that effect 2013 pricing, I hear you ask. As someone who has been married, I know how difficult it can be to juggle your wedding budget. This is why I introduced a fixed price for our wedding packages. Choose us as your wedding photographers and secure the date with the £100 booking fee and that secures the wedding photography price. It doesn't matter how many years ahead your wedding is - we will honour that deal and fix your price.

Think about it. Normally prices rise at about 10% per year. So if you are getting married one year ahead thats a straight 10% you could be saving. 2 years 20%, or 5 years 50%. Now who would say no to 50% off your wedding photography?

It's worth pointing out that here at portrait wedding photographers, we are no ordinary wedding photographers. Brides often tell us that they consider us experts. Because we only specialise in wedding photography, that and our 27 years experience!

Our advice, whenever you are looking to get married is to. Check out the various wedding photography slideshows, check out the packages, which can be tailored to suit your exact requirements. Have a look at the testimonials on Google and then go to our instant availability checker, pop in your details and wedding date to find out if a photographer is available.

All the staff here wish you all the very best for a love filled 2012. If we can help you in anyway, you can email us HERE or leave a message on our facebook wall HERE.

Happy New Year

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Butterflies and Logos

It is a cold December afternoon and for once I am glad to be at home, nice and warm, tucked up next to my computer. As a businessman, there are lots of other things to consider, apart from wedding photography - and recently I have been concentrating on why I do what I do, and branding to get that message across.

Having enrolled on to a referral marketing course, by the referral institute, I have had my eyes opened somewhat. I have found that having a business and having your eyes open is a distinct advantage.

A few lessons in and Allison, our tutor is doing great in getting us to where we need to be. I say we because there are a few of us on the course together.

The reason I do what I do, wedding photography is that I know how precious photographs are, and sadly many people only realise this once it is too late. I discovered this fact for myself, when my Mum died at a quite a young age. Marriage is an important time of life and all I want to do is to show people how important this is. Hopefully then, they would love a top wedding photographer to capture their love and laughter for happy ever after.

On to the logo then.
I spent ages trying to think of some great icon, a nike swoosh, a golden M, or even an apple! Then the light came on, if using your company name is good enough for Coca Cola, then it's good enough for me. The logo is important to me, because as we spread our wings from Darlington to Middlesbrough, Hartlepool, York, Essex, Kent, London and Palm Beach Florida - I needed something to tie everything together. I want this to be the logo above. 
Most of the website are going to be a pure black and white design, with the accent colour being purple.

 The Butterflies are also important to the logo design. Butterflies to symbolise change and there's not many changes bigger than deciding to committ to marriage! Personally the butterflies symbolise the fact that they are there one moment and gone the next. So this ties in with my message of how important it is to capture the beauty, the emotion, the love and the laughter, before it has gone.

The beauty of wedding photographs is that they last forever. Even on a cold winters afternoon, you can re-live your wedding day memories by taking another look at your wedding album.

You can also see that the logo has two butterflies, showing that here at portrait wedding photographers we have balance. Balance to use our expertise as wedding photographers to match the needs and requirements of our brides.

If you have enjoyed our little blog and maybe come to understand the phylosophy behind portrait wedding photographers and want to get in touch this is our EMAIL

Thank you

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

FREE 9 ways to check out your wedding photographer

1. Are they fully qualified and experienced?

We have over 27 years experience and became Master Photographers in 2005.

2. Do they have Back up plans in case of illness or accident?

We have more than one photographer, providing back up cover if required.

3. How many different wedding albums can they show you?

All experienced photographers will have around 10 sample albums

4. Can they show you genuine customer testimonials?

We have many spread around this literature, on Google and in lots of thank you cards

5. Do they have a team of graphic designers who can create special effects and beautiful albums for you?

We do, and should you choose an album we only recommend the world’s best
GraphiStudio from Italy.

6. Do they know other wedding service providers who could help you save time and money?

We know providers of Dresses, Flowers, Cakes, Jewellery, Room Dressing, DJs, Cars and Limos.

7. How long does it take to see your proofs?

Some Brides have to wait months or more than a year, we provide yours in less than a week

8. Do they only advertise a mobile number?

Many non-professionals do this as they are at work through the week, we are full-time professionals

9. Are you able to pay with a Credit or Debit Card?

With so many businesses going bust, we recommend paying by card, for your safety and protection.

You can be sure that you are dealing with the best at Portrait Wedding Photographers

Expert Wedding Photographers
Members of the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers

Featured in “Perfect Wedding” magazine