Friday, 27 July 2012

Wynyard Hall Weddings

New Website created to showcase weddings photographed
at Wynyard Hall

Arriving at Wynyard Hall
Arriving at Wynyard Hall

Today our website design friends at PWP Web Design in Darlington have published a new online gallery showcasing wedding photographs taken at Wynyard Hall.

Portrait Wedding Photographers were one of the first local companies to photograph weddings at the Hall when it opened up for wedding ceremonies. Since that time we have photographed in every corner - and every corner at Wynyard Hall is delightful!

The entrance to the Hall is through the equally impressive Wynyard housing development. Then past some playing fields and over the bridge, guarded by Lions! Then laid before you is the Hall, still set back along a sweeping gravel drive. The full height, majestic stone columns catch your eye immediately.

For couple thinking about getting married in a venue like this, there is usually compromise to be made. That compromise is that in order to have your whole day in a splendid venue like this, you have to make do with a civil wedding ceremony. Not so at Wynyard Hall. Just off to the right, and still attached to the main building is the Chapel. Ideal for couples who cherish a religious marriage ceremony.

Ornate Wynyard Hall Ceiling
Ornate Ceiling
Inside the decoration is second to none. And you can include in that as many palaces as you like. Sir John and his staff have turned Wynyard Hall into the most impressive wedding venue I have seen in the UK! The sculptures, the stained glass, everything is gorgeous.

Even if you are not getting married here, you simply must pop in, sample a cream tea and just take in the lasciviousness of the surroundings.

As you may be aware Portrait Wedding Photographers travel all over Europe and the World, such is the quality of their work. You can still achieve these high standards and because you are local, take advantage of some spectacular Wynyard Hall wedding packages.

For only £695 (at time of publication) you can have from Bridal prep to first dance, covered by not one, but two top notch, expert wedding photographers! Add to that a guarantee of at least 400 images and a high resolution, printable DVD and you are on to a winner.

WARNING: These wedding photography packages are quickly becoming over subscribed. We only carry out one wedding per day and currently taking bookings two years in advance. Having said that some dates, including Saturdays are still available so it is worthwhile giving us a call. Local number 01642 699 018
Wynyard Hall Bride
Bride at Wynyard Hall

Your local Wynyard Hall wedding photographers are Duncan and David. Both have over a thousand weddings under their belts and have won many competitions and awards
: 07795 681 507   Email:
David: 07980 412 752   Email:
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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Gisborough Hall - July 2012

Gisborough Hall July, 2012

Details of Photography Provided at Gisborough Hall:

2 Photographers, 9 Hours coverage, over 1000 images taken using Canon 5D and 5D Mk2 both with Canon L Series Lenses and dedicated Canon Flash guns.

Gisborough Hall Wedding of Stacey and Kevin:

Gisborough Hall Panorama by portrait wedding photographers
Gisborough Hall Panorama
The dresses are here. The Brides gown supplied by Tara of Exclusively Yours in Wingate

Wedding dress in Guisborough Hall bridal suite
Bridal Gown and Bridesmaid dresses

There is also a stunning arrangement of flowers too!

Bridal Bouquet
A Florist in Billingham supplied the wedding bouquets

And the bestman even remembered the rings

Bestman with wedding rings
Bestman guards the wedding rings

Proud Dad with his beautiful daughter

Father and Bride at Gisborough Hall
Father and Bride at Gisborough Hall

The nervous walk, down the aisle at Guisborough Hall

Brides walks down the aisle at Gisborough Hall
The ceremony was held inside Gisborough Hall

Its' nice to know that at the end of that long walk, there is someone there to
hold your hand

Couple holding hands by portrait wedding photographers
Holding Hands before getting married

After the ceremony there's enough time to capture some beautiful shots of the couple in the lovely grounds that surround Gisborough Hall

Couple by the copper beech tree at Guisborough Hall
Wonder how many couple have posed under this tree?

Because the tree is quite shady, we have to use a little flash to capture all the details.

Gisborough Hall Bride and Groom
Guisborough Hall Bride and Groom

Our bride smiles, naturally, and that is the trick to capturing people as they really are.

Radiant smiley bride
Radiant Bride

The beautiful red bouquet was placed in the foreground, while we focused on the couple.

red floral bouquet for the bride
Red floral bouquet

One of our signature shots. A favorite of ours because it captures the rings, the bouquet and the
detailing on the brides gown.

Rings, bouquet and dress detail at Guisborough Hall
The ring shot at Gisborough Hall

No wedding would be complete without the cake

Happy cake cutting at North Yorkshire wedding
A happy cake cutting

Now it is time to really let your hair down, and time for some Dad dancing

couples first dance
First dance

The very last photograph we took at Gisborough Hall
Nice to end the day with a kiss too

Kiss by the fountain at Gisborough Hall
Kiss by the fountain at Guisborough Hall
and David the photographers at this wedding day at Gisborough Hall would like to thank Stacey and Kevin, their families and guests for a truly wonderful day. We wish you good luck for a long a healthy marriage.

Portrait Wedding Photographers are locally based, but often travel throughout the UK, Europe and USA on wedding assignments. We welcome any requests for any information regarding wedding packages or prices, which are also available on the website:

Monday, 9 July 2012

Wynyard Hall Wedding of Amy and Craig

Wynyard Hall Wedding of Amy and Craig
There have been so many great weddings that we have photographed over the years and Amy's stands out as being a really nice one. Maybe it was the friendliness of the guests or the good weather. Whichever it was, this Wynyard Hall wedding was delightful.

Drive leading to Wynyard Hall
Drive leading to Wynyard Hall

Grooms party next to Rolls Royce
Grooms party next to Rolls Royce at Wynyard Hall

Rolls Royce Grill
Told you it was a Rolls Royce

Old Rolls Royce, Young Beautiful Bride
Old Rolls Royce, Young Beautiful Bride

Proud Dad walks bride down the aisle
Proud Dad walks bride down the aisle

Laughter at a Wynyard Hall Wedding
Who says wedding shad to be all serious?

Newly weds have champagne in Rolls Royce
A toast to each other

Wynyard Hall Bridesmaids
Wynyard Hall Bridesmaids

Brides natural smile
Natural smile

Pleased groom at Wynyard Hall
Confident and happy groom

Cutting the wedding cake Wynyard Hall
Cutting the wedding cake at Wynyard Hall
has been a master photographer since 2005 and a professional wedding photographer since 1984. Well known around the Tees Valley area, his company, Portrait Wedding Photographers are regulars at Wynyard Hall. Often asked which wedding venue to recommend Duncan will list Wynyard Hall in his all time top 2!
Because he loves Wynyard Hall so much, he has announced a special deal for couple getting married here:

2 top quality wedding photographers to capture the action from every angle. Full wedding day coverage including bridal preparations. All this with a guarantee of a minimum of 400 images for the heavily discounted price of just £695. Yes £695 is surely the best wedding photography price you will see for this amount of quality and expertise.

Call Duncan now to check availability and to book your fantastic wedding package 07795 681507

Wynyard Hall Natalie & Phil

Another Beautiful Wynyard Hall Wedding
With its magnificent Hall and surrounding countryside beautiful wedding photographs are expected at Wynyard Hall near Billingham in the Tees Valley. Portrait Wedding Photographers have been taking photographs at this beautiful wedding venue for years now and know all of its secrets.

has been a professional wedding photographer since 1984 and was awarded the status of master photographer at his first attempt in 2005. Since then, Portrait Wedding Photographers reputation has grown and Duncan along with award winning photographer David Howard undertakes assignments across the UK, Europe and USA. Even more surprising then, is this unbelievable Wynyard Hall wedding photography offer:

A wedding photography package consisting of two award winning photographers, full wedding coverage and a guaranteed minimum 400 images, with free previews online within 7 working days. All this for a budget friendly wedding photography price of just £695!
That's right just £695 for everything! When I asked why such a give away price Duncan said it was simply because they believe Wynyard Hall to be one of the best wedding venues in the UK and it was always a pleasure to capture couple happy days here at the Hall. To take advantage of this amazing offer call 07795 681507 or email to check availability and book before it is too late.

Lacing up brides dress
Natalie is getting ready

Wedding guests inside wynyard hall
The guests are here

Groom heads to Wynyard Hall's Chapel
The boys make their way to Wynyard Halls Chapel

Bride arrives by VW Camper
The Beautiful Bride arrives by VW Camper

wedding rings are exchanged
The deal is set as wedding rings are exchanged

Confetti throwing at Wynyard Hall
Here come the confetti

Jumping with joy at Wynyard Hall
The boys are happy!

Bride and groom whisper secrets
A whispered secret

Bride by the lake at Wynyard Hall
Bride by the lake at Wynyard Hall

Wynyard Hall Dreams Come True

Wynyard Hall stands secluded and magnificent in beautiful grounds.

To capture every detail, from every angle requires two experienced wedding photographers. Add to that full wedding coverage and you are guaranteed lots of beautiful wedding photographs.

Wynyad Hall Patio and rear lawns in the sunshine
Wynyard Hall Patio and rear lawns

As experienced wedding photographers with intimate knowledge of Wynyard Hall we have an amazing offer.

A wedding couple relax outside the front entrance to Wynyard Hall
Relaxed couple outside Wynyard Hall

How would you like lots of wedding photographs, in the style you love captured by photographers who understand that it is your wedding day and therefore add to the occasion at Wynyard Hall?

Bride with Wynyard Hall and lake in the background
Sir John Hall himself, helped lay out this brides dress!

To even consider expert wedding photographers with an international portfolio would require deep pockets!
Or does it? From just £695 you could have two such photographers. The reason this price is amazingly cheap? Simple, these international wedding photographers love Wynyard Hall weddings so much

Grand columns guard the entrance to Wynyard Hall
Columns announce the entrance to Wynyard Hall
 You know that this offer means that dates for weddings are being snapped up, so if you want the prestige of having top class wedding photographers at Wynyard Hall it makes sense to act right now.
Call on 07795681507 or Email

Bridal silhouette at Wynyard Hall
Wynyard Hall bride in silhouette

Having 27 years experience each means that spotting that lovely opportunity is second nature. Which in turn means that couples like you are highly delighted with the natural look and feel that runs through their Wynyard Hall wedding photographs.

Bride on the spiral staircase at Wynyard Hall
The walk to becoming a married woman at Wynyard Hall

Flexibility is something we know you love too. For your Wynyard Hall wedding you can choose buffet style how you want your wedding images. Hi resolution DVD, prints, beautiful hand made Italian story book album. It is all up to you.

Wynyard Hall Grand Piano and wedding couple
Grand Piano feature at Wynyard Hall
Portrait Wedding Photographers accept commissions from all over the UK, Europe and USA. Chief photographer has 27 years professional experience and earned master photographer status in 2005.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Another Bride in the Headlines

In the news items on Yahoo today was news that yet another Bride had her wedding day ruined by a so called professional photographer. I am doing all I can to stop this kind of thing happening, but I need more help.

Please, please please point anyone you know that is getting married to look up out 9 tips on choosing a wedding photographer. With over 25 years professional wedding experience I know a few things on what to look out for. I want all brides to go into their wedding knowing that the choices they made were the best for them and fingers crossed, with good advice their day should be remembered for the right things.

The 9 tips on choosing a wedding photographer is on Blogger as a post and there is a video hosted on You Tube and also on

I and my staff can only do so much. A bride recently chose a photographer who was going to use her wedding pictures as his first sample album. He hadn't shot a wedding before. Really, come on. I can show you where the Crocodile infested river is, but please don't then jump into it head first!

In an effort to help more, because after all these are hard times and budgets are tighter and tighter, we have decided to introduce a new wedding photography package. Called Quality on a budget. It includes two professional and experienced photographers, full wedding coverage, a guarantee of over 400 images, website hosting and copyright free DVD's. All for just £695.

Were will we go. More or less the full length and breadth of the UK. The furthest reaches may attract a little extra for travel costs, but our aim to ensure as many brides as possible get lovely, beautiful pictures to capture the story of her wedding day. What does the Groom get - change from £700!

If you book us or not doesn't really matter to me, please read or watch the 9 tips so you know how to spot a bad photographer. Advice is always free and our phone numbers are on the website. Thank you.

is a professional wedding photographer and has been so since 1984. Graduated as an award winning master photographer in 2005. His company is Portrait Wedding Photographers and is based in Darlington but has bases throughout the UK.