Wednesday, 28 March 2012

World’s Best Wedding Album

In this latest article , a professional wedding photographer from the UK. With in excess of 27 years experience, explains, what for him, makes the world’s best wedding album.

Indeed, having being in the wedding photography industry for over 27 years, there has been lots of changes. In the early days was the change from wide format to professional 35mm cameras. Then came along the huge digital revolution and it is digital that continues to expand and provide photographers and brides with more choices than ever before. Since the arrival of digital a new type of wedding album has also gained popularity. It is this which I would like to talk about more here.

For those of you who have seen your parents or grandparents wedding albums, you know the ones. One picture per page with the tissue leaves in between, this new album type is so different. In my opinion I believe it to be better because it is more versatile and flexible.

I suppose the first impression you get of an album is the cover, so this has to reflect your taste and give ideas to the quality within. Of course you can have leather, or the more exclusive cow hide in a variety of colours and embossed too if required. To be a shade different you could have a smooth to the touch, silk cover with your choice of photograph printed into the fabric. Then there is the grooms favourite. The steel cover, heavy and unusual but looks fabulous with your choice of picture printed on its shiny surface. Our couples favourite is the transparent cover which brilliantly protect the album front and back and comes with an image of your choice. This company also do a dust jacket cover, the type you find wrapped around all good hard backed books. So, already you can see you have plenty of choices to choose from.

On opening one of these fabulous albums, two things strike you. Firstly, the pictures on the pages are edge to edge. You do not have that wide boarder, common with the traditional albums. So, as well as increasing the available page area for your photographs, there is another advantage. Because the pages print edge to edge, when you open one of these albums up you can have a panorama style going smoothly across both pages. Wow. Next is the paper the album is printed on. There is the popular lustre semi glossy look, normal photographic, glossy metallic and even a textured paper. Many couples getting married today have already started a family. To help protect their wedding album they can have the pages laminated. Should any sticky fingers get on a page, it can be simply wiped clean.

This type of book is sometimes called a story book album. Because the book can tell the story of your wedding day from getting ready to first dance. These albums do this exquisitely as each page can be individually designed to capture just one, or many different images. In colour, black and white or one of the many special effects the album designers offer you.

This article is titled the world’s best wedding album. Already I am sure you can realise the beauty and potential of the album as already discussed. But these particular albums, made by this manufacturer are particularly well engineered. Like most things in life you have to try and make errors to learn and move on. I have tried many albums from different manufacturers in the UK and abroad. Some bleed the colour out from the central fold, some don’t offer the variety in cover or paper and some just do not offer a quick turn around and great customer service.

So now you know how great they are I bet you are dying to know who they are. They are Graphistudio a company in Italy. Not only do they make these lovely story book albums, but they have parents albums too. If you want what I consider to be the best wedding album in the world ask your photographer for Graphistudio. Or, of course you are welcome to contact me, here at Portrait Wedding Photographers.