Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Wedding Photography Should be Inside-Out

How do you choose a wedding photographer, is a question that has been asked by brides for years and years. The process is made more difficult, because it’s not like buying a car. When you buy a car, you can see it, you can sit in it, have a test drive, feel how it handles, even how it smells.

Wedding photography is different. You are investing in something that, yes you can view sample albums, but it’s not your experience.  So you don’t know the extras that the service brings. I know photographers that have bought photos from stock libraries to complete an album, and when asked is this all your work, what do you think they say? Errr "of course."

But do you know something, something more important than photographs? To be a great wedding photographer the greatest skill you need is to be good with people. Taking pictures is secondary! OMG I hear you say. Let’s think about it some more. Most couples still get married at a church and then go off to some hotel for their reception. The reception provides a wedding coordinator don’t they? But are they with you as you and your Bridesmaids get ready? Are they with you at the church? No they are not. But you know who is....Your wedding photographer!

wedding photographer duncan
Duncan Malloch Master Photographer on wedding duty

I know that not every Bride wants pictures at her home, getting ready. But a good photographer will insist on being there. Why? Because they want to photograph your wedding inside – out!

What do you mean photograph a wedding inside out? I mean that by building up relationships with close family and friends your wedding photographer becomes an insider, not an outsider! This matters because nearly every Bride nowadays wants natural looking photographs at her wedding. Can you see how these beautiful natural photographs are more easily obtained by an insider, a temporary member of your family?

By being there at the start of your day a wedding photographer gets to know everyone. Gets to meet Dad and help with his tie and button hole. Takes pictures of the Bridesmaids and can offer advice on how to hold their flowers for the best results. The photographer gets to know the Bride, know what makes her tick, can deflect stressful situations and can get her to smile without asking her too.
If everyone is more relaxed do you think you will get better photos?
If you want some advice about choosing a good wedding photographer:

·         Ensure that they offer Bridal preparation coverage
·         Talk to them on the phone to see if you feel comfortable with them
·         Only then should you check that their photography is to your standard
·         Check prices and agree on a package (including bridal prep)
·         Relax

I am of course not saying quality of photographs is unimportant, what I am saying is do you really want to spend the best day of your life with an idiot who tells you to smile all the time? Or with someone who helps you, offers advice and can make you smile or laugh, like a favourite uncle?

Duncan wedding photographer at first dance
Duncan Malloch covering the first dance at a wedding

Whichever wedding photographer you choose, have a fantastic wedding day. Inside out!

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