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Wedding Photography Packages

In life everything is a balancing act, wedding photography packages also require getting the balance correct between on the one hand price, and on the other the depth of service you want. The one thing you should not have to balance is quality. The one thing in life that’s a guarantee is that low prices equals low quality which in turn equals very upset brides. So whichever package you decide to go for make sure the quality is there in everyone!

The Very Best Wedding Photography Packages:

As you would expect these packages contain everything you might want, at a price tag to match. So what kind of things does a bride expect, when the budgets run to a couple of thousand? Most would be looking for full day coverage from two photographers. Full wedding coverage would include things like the Bride getting hair and makeup done in the morning, commonly referred to as “Bridal Prep”. From here your wedding photographer would also capture pictures of the Grooms party and then guest arrivals at the church or other venue. What the wedding is all about, (officially) is the ceremony, two photographers here, can get the emotional shots from in front and the beautiful shots of your wedding dress and laid out train from the back. As you emerge, there follows confetti shots, maybe some more formal group shots and definitely some fantastic posed and natural shots of just the Bride and Groom together. In most weddings these photographs would make up the bulk, but for the Bride who wants everything there is much more. Photographs of the wedding breakfast and the speeches, then there’s the cutting of the wedding cake. As the evening draws on the photography takes a more informal role where guests are captured enjoying themselves and finally the newlyweds take to the floor for the first dance. This is usually where the wedding coverage ends, but it has been known for the photographers to attend more informal celebrations on the day after the wedding, maybe a barbecue or a pool party perhaps.

With all these photographs what would be the best ways to show these off? No we are not talking about key rings or mugs with your pictures on, but individually designed and lovingly handcrafted wedding albums. When all the very best pictures are assembled together, they become greater than the sum of the individual photographs. They all come together beautifully to tell the story of all that happened on the day you were married. Printed and then bound together on the best photographic paper available, embraced by covers available in fine leathers, metals, silks and other gorgeous materials. Various sizes are available to adorn the biggest of coffee tables.
Luxury Wedding Albums

For the most exclusive packages one wedding album, as stunning as it is will not be enough. Perhaps some items of wall art such as canvas prints or beautifully framed prints will bring more memories back to life. In today’s high tech world everyone loves mobile. Your wedding memories can be mobile too! Imagine having then available on your lap top, tablet pc, ipad and mobile phone. Instantly available to show friends and family when and wherever you may be.

Other Wedding Photography Packages:

To swing the wedding balance so that your investment in the photography is less, then there are photography packages where you can trim off some of the services you don’t need.

Maybe you feel that you could miss off the Bridal Prep, or the first dance perhaps. You could certainly down size on the album and go for something smaller, or with fewer pages or less luxurious covers. Many couples love having at least one framed enlargement around their home, a permanent reminder of this special day. So you could cut down on the amount of wall art and perhaps having the benefit of carrying your wedding photos is something you wouldn't miss either.

Can you see that by chatting with your wedding photographer, you should be able to pick the services you need and at the same time make your wedding package affordable? It is worthwhile noting too, that additional items such as parents albums, canvas prints and printable DVDs can normally be acquired after the wedding and don’t have to be included in the initial wedding package.

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