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Your Wedding Photography Memories

For most people their wedding day only comes around once in a lifetime and, for this very reason, it is vital that the memories from that day are captured professionally and presented to the happy couple after the event.  It is essential then that couples planning their wedding go for the best service that they can afford.  Some companies are able, through partnering agreements, to provide photographers wherever the ceremony takes place – even abroad.

Bride gets ready bridal prep photographyHow to choose a really good wedding photographer

A good option is to choose a company that has a number of photographers on the staff along with a comprehensive array of recording and editing equipment.  While the one-man operation can be a perfectly good option you might feel more confident about the whole arrangement if backup plans are in place.  Theoretically the larger the organisation the better chance you have of getting those precious memories faithfully recorded for you.  You have enough to think about on the day without worrying about the photographer’s equipment breaking down or that some technical hitch might ruin your day.

Choosing your wedding package

So, having decided to employ the services of a reputable wedding photography firm, what kind of package do you think you will go for?  Ultimately the choice is yours and wedding packages can be tailored to comply with your needs down to the smallest detail.  You will be asked for a few basic details, such as the location of the wedding and reception, what date it is taking place and some idea of the numbers attending.  The company should then come back to you straight away with verbal and written confirmation that photographers are available for that date.

wedding photography - spot colour

A popular idea these days is where the entire day is recorded.  It starts with those joyful, maybe frenetic, early morning bridal preparations and continues as the bridal party sets of for the wedding venue.  Continuing with the arrivals at the venue then the wedding ceremony; then there is the reception, meetings and greetings, the speeches and cake cutting. Finally we get to the happy couple’s first dance and guests enjoying the occasion.  All of this can be captured for you in a variety of ways. A collection of still photographs, presented in a beautifully bound wedding album, is the traditional method but you can also have the happy day’s events on a DVD or memory stick or even loaded onto a tablet.  Video with full sound is a popular choice as well and this can be loaded onto digital media for you.  Hopefully you will find a company that is flexible in their service and competitively priced.  You just have to decide what you want and they will put it all together for you. It is as simple as that!

Whichever wedding photographer you choose, have a fantastic wedding day.
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