Friday, 27 July 2012

Wynyard Hall Weddings

New Website created to showcase weddings photographed
at Wynyard Hall

Arriving at Wynyard Hall
Arriving at Wynyard Hall

Today our website design friends at PWP Web Design in Darlington have published a new online gallery showcasing wedding photographs taken at Wynyard Hall.

Portrait Wedding Photographers were one of the first local companies to photograph weddings at the Hall when it opened up for wedding ceremonies. Since that time we have photographed in every corner - and every corner at Wynyard Hall is delightful!

The entrance to the Hall is through the equally impressive Wynyard housing development. Then past some playing fields and over the bridge, guarded by Lions! Then laid before you is the Hall, still set back along a sweeping gravel drive. The full height, majestic stone columns catch your eye immediately.

For couple thinking about getting married in a venue like this, there is usually compromise to be made. That compromise is that in order to have your whole day in a splendid venue like this, you have to make do with a civil wedding ceremony. Not so at Wynyard Hall. Just off to the right, and still attached to the main building is the Chapel. Ideal for couples who cherish a religious marriage ceremony.

Ornate Wynyard Hall Ceiling
Ornate Ceiling
Inside the decoration is second to none. And you can include in that as many palaces as you like. Sir John and his staff have turned Wynyard Hall into the most impressive wedding venue I have seen in the UK! The sculptures, the stained glass, everything is gorgeous.

Even if you are not getting married here, you simply must pop in, sample a cream tea and just take in the lasciviousness of the surroundings.

As you may be aware Portrait Wedding Photographers travel all over Europe and the World, such is the quality of their work. You can still achieve these high standards and because you are local, take advantage of some spectacular Wynyard Hall wedding packages.

For only £695 (at time of publication) you can have from Bridal prep to first dance, covered by not one, but two top notch, expert wedding photographers! Add to that a guarantee of at least 400 images and a high resolution, printable DVD and you are on to a winner.

WARNING: These wedding photography packages are quickly becoming over subscribed. We only carry out one wedding per day and currently taking bookings two years in advance. Having said that some dates, including Saturdays are still available so it is worthwhile giving us a call. Local number 01642 699 018
Wynyard Hall Bride
Bride at Wynyard Hall

Your local Wynyard Hall wedding photographers are Duncan and David. Both have over a thousand weddings under their belts and have won many competitions and awards
: 07795 681 507   Email:
David: 07980 412 752   Email:
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