Thursday, 5 July 2012

Another Bride in the Headlines

In the news items on Yahoo today was news that yet another Bride had her wedding day ruined by a so called professional photographer. I am doing all I can to stop this kind of thing happening, but I need more help.

Please, please please point anyone you know that is getting married to look up out 9 tips on choosing a wedding photographer. With over 25 years professional wedding experience I know a few things on what to look out for. I want all brides to go into their wedding knowing that the choices they made were the best for them and fingers crossed, with good advice their day should be remembered for the right things.

The 9 tips on choosing a wedding photographer is on Blogger as a post and there is a video hosted on You Tube and also on

I and my staff can only do so much. A bride recently chose a photographer who was going to use her wedding pictures as his first sample album. He hadn't shot a wedding before. Really, come on. I can show you where the Crocodile infested river is, but please don't then jump into it head first!

In an effort to help more, because after all these are hard times and budgets are tighter and tighter, we have decided to introduce a new wedding photography package. Called Quality on a budget. It includes two professional and experienced photographers, full wedding coverage, a guarantee of over 400 images, website hosting and copyright free DVD's. All for just £695.

Were will we go. More or less the full length and breadth of the UK. The furthest reaches may attract a little extra for travel costs, but our aim to ensure as many brides as possible get lovely, beautiful pictures to capture the story of her wedding day. What does the Groom get - change from £700!

If you book us or not doesn't really matter to me, please read or watch the 9 tips so you know how to spot a bad photographer. Advice is always free and our phone numbers are on the website. Thank you.

is a professional wedding photographer and has been so since 1984. Graduated as an award winning master photographer in 2005. His company is Portrait Wedding Photographers and is based in Darlington but has bases throughout the UK.


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